Social Security

Persons who are dependent on Social Security Income or Social Security Disability Income (SSI or SSDI, SSD) due to injury or illness must register for these Social Security

benefits through a lengthy application process. Evaluation from the Social Security Administration can take anywhere from one to three years for an unprepared individual acting without an experienced Social Security lawyer.

Sadly, many first-time applicants are denied, both initially and again when they reapply. An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) then must hear the case, delaying the claim further. People must reapply within 60 days of denial to avoid excessive delays in receiving Social Security benefits. Delays are often due to incomplete applications and missing medical records.

Hiring an experienced Social Security disability lawyer offers these benefits to the disabled or dependent candidate:

  • Accelerated and efficient application process, reducing chances for denial
  • Proper development of the case reducing unnecessary delays
  • Familiarity with the SSI/SSDI system, allowing aggressive pursuit of benefits
  • Better chances of a favorable outcome in the case
  • Shorter wait until payments begin

Like most legal matters, Social Security cases are complex and difficult for the layperson to understand. Although hiring an experienced lawyer does not guarantee that you will be awarded Social Security benefits quickly, it greatly increases your chances.

You may be granted or denied SSI or SSDI payments based on your work or military history; your medical condition; your education; and your age.